Eastern Residential Services (ERS) has been licensed with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services as of February 2008, and since then our staff have worked diligently to not only meet all Ministry contract expectations, but to exceed them.

‘ERS’ takes great pride in our achievements and our far-reaching geographical ability to provide quality services to the children/youth and adults in need. We are proudly working with over 12 placing agencies across Ontario and continually strive to maintain a strong and close working relationship with every contract.

At ‘ERS’ we understand that the social, educational, spiritual, emotional and developmental needs of children in care are unique and best met through a nurturing and stable placement. Our dedicated staff ensures that each child receives an individualized treatment plan and subsequent access to the necessary supports and services needed upon placement. Our dedicated Treatment Homes are fully qualified to meet these unique needs via their educational/training background as well as ongoing, specialized training and 24/7 support by each region’s Supervisor/Case Manager.

As part of our program, ERS provides mental health supports and services by including the dedicated services of our highly reputable Registered Psychotherapists in all our areas.Our therapists will be available to the child or youth for an initial consult and regular sessions thereafter.

At ‘ERS’ we appreciate how each of our homes can offer their own unique specialties and we take great pride at being successful at matching these infants/youths with the best suited home.

Our Treatment Homes provide quality family based care to a variety of Children and Youth with special needs such as Physical Disabilities (e.g. Cerebral Palsy), Psychological/Psychiatric Disorders (Anxiety, Depression), Developmental and Cognitive Disorders (e.g. Autism, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), Brain Injury and Behaviour Disorders (e.g. ADHD, High Risk Sex Offenders).
Each of ERS’s qualified Child and Youth Workers also offer their own unique specialties and we feel that matching each of our youths with 1-1 worker’s with similar interests and energy levels is paramount to their success. While it is important to match the similarities, we also understand that offering them diverse and multiple opportunities to explore new challenges is equally important.

What does ERS offer?
- Foster Parents/Youth 24/7 on-call emergency support/service from each regional Supervisor.

- ERS provides each child with up to 45 hours per month of 1-1 time spent with our qualified Child and Youth Workers.

- Foster Parents receive 48 hours of Respite per month.

- ERS offers recreational funding as well as special ‘ERS’ group activities/functions

- ERS is able to offer all our Foster Parents and their children the exclusive services of highly reputable Registered Psychotherapists,

ERS Therapist Services include:
- Foster parents are able to access our Therapists for consultation and support as needed.

- Children/Youth receive an intake assessment and ongoing counseling/therapy based upon their individual assessed needs.

Initial consultation is able to takes place immediately upon placement.

Founder Tom O’Brien began ‘ERS’ with one fundamental belief. That every child deserves a stable, nurturing and supportive home where they can grow, develop and reach their potential. This vision is reflected in ERS’s daily commitment to fulfill this vision.

It is not only a child’s right, it is OUR responsibility.
Tom O'Brien
ERS Director