‘ERS’ has developed a program for fostering like no other. We understand that each child is unique and presents with their own individual strengths and challenges. Together we will work with your family to develop a plan to ensure your foster child has the best chance for success.

All Foster Parents are paid $80 per day per child. This includes one 48 hour weekend of respite services per month in addition to 1-1 support for each child by a qualified Child & Youth Worker.

ERS offers more 1-1 support/respite/relief hours for our Foster Parents then most companies out there and we believe that this ample support is a big part of why our Foster Parents can be so effective and why our children in care are able to better maximize their potential. Quality 1-1 time spent with our qualified Child & Youth Workers provides our children with opportunities to achieve set goals and engage in activities that help promote social skills development, personal development, physical/recreational activity and/or to just enjoy some down time. ERS believes that a well supported home is a successful home!

One Week of vacation respite services is provided to our foster parents if a child/youth does not leave the foster home during the course of the year for at least 7 days for overnight camp or a home/family visit.

Foster Parents are trained by qualified instructors and receive an unlimited amount of training and support.

Foster Parents will  have access to 24 hour telephone/online support service including After-Hours support by their Area Supervisor.

Foster Parents will have access to all available community supports and services as needed including therapeutic/counselling services, educational supports and recreational/camp opportunities.

Our criteria and selection process is designed to seek out those who are committed to providing Excellence in Care and Service to our children and youth. ERS uses the Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (S.A.F.E.) Home Study tool for this process.

The following is a check list of support documentation gathered as part of the  S.A.F.E. Home Study process that must be completed by each selected ERS Foster Family.

Support Documentation/S.A.F.E. Home Study Process

  • Home Study
  • References (3 to 5)
  • Foster Family Medical
  • (Vulnerable) Criminal Reference Check
  • C.A.S. Child Welfare Records Check
  • Financial Questionnaire
  • Confidentiality Statement
  • Insurance Coverage (home and auto)
  • Driver’s License
  • Physical Home Assessment
  • Foster Care Service Agreement
  • Copy of Pet Vaccines
  • First Aid/CPR, Car Seat & NVCI prerequisite training will be made available by ERS as needed